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Edward Snowden returns to the faded-pink Brutalist-building dystopian society that is America, with one mission: to single handedly take down the NSA. Destroy the NSA's propaganda loudspeakers and robotic spy birds to prevent the indoctrination of society!


A and D or Arrow Keys to Move

W, Up, or Space to Jump

X To Punch

This game was made for my Emerging Technologies class, having been assigned to make a piece of art about a topic we have studied using solely Open Access content. The following is attributions for the art, music, and sound effects used in game, all Open Access:

Sky, Building, Tree, Loudspeaker, Bird, and Speech Bubble Sprites by Delfos

Character Sprites and Animations by MoikMellah

Ground Sprite by Guido Bos

Red Plus Sprite by Buch

Music by Android128

Point Sound Effect by Luke.RUSTLTD

Font by Matthew Welch